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Indie Wolf

I am a Holistic Health & Spiritual Life Coach; writer; Spiritual Jewelry designer; lover of music, animals and natural healing; and helping people learn to access their inner source of strength.

I have spent much of my life creating music, traveling with musicians, and supporting them in their missions. A musician myself from the age of 6, I have long known there was something very special about the way music can influence so many aspects of our lives. The seed for this project was planted and nurtured during the past several years while being part of the management team, promotions director and fan liason for a deeply spiritual tribe of musicians known as Kan'Nal. As I have deepened in my own spiritual growth, and through my journey with this beautiful group of souls, I continue to experience the powerful role music can play in the process of spiritual transformation.

As I interview the musicians and spiritual teachers who are called to participate in this project, my passion for the connection grows ever stronger...I am grateful for the opportunity to share this exploration with these amazing, courageous beings, and with all of you!

All blessings!

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